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What’s With The Camels?

Jesus is coming back... this is what the Bible tells us concerning the last days of humanity’s story. The camels are a symbol of the return of Jesus Christ, and a reminder of our need to know God in a very real way to prepare for Christ's return. The significance of camels are illustrated by three people specifically in the Bible:

• Isaac, the son of Abraham

• Elijah the prophet

• John the Baptist

In the Old Testament, Isaac was in the field working for his father Abraham. Abraham sent his servants away to find a wife for his son. At the end of their journey, they returned successfully to Abraham's home riding on a caravan of camels. The Bible says, as Isaac looked eagerly, “behold, the camels were coming” (Genesis 24:63).

You can imagine Isaac's excitement as he saw them approaching! His bride was coming to him...and he would soon be a bridegroom. There was also a man named Elijah who spoke about the desires and plans of God. Many years after Elijah was gone, God remembered him in the last verses in the Old Testament when He said, "I am going to send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and terrible day of the Lord" (Malachi 4:3). This person would be someone who embodied the character of Elijah, whose assignment was to tell people how their relationship with God could be restored before it was too late. In the New Testament, Jesus spoke about a man named John the Baptist, saying, "John himself is Elijah who was to come" (Matthew 11:14). John was also a prophet who told people about God. The Bible says John the Baptist preached to "prepare the way for the Lord" (John 1:23), telling people that Jesus Christ was the Savior who would restore mankind's relationship with God. John the Baptist wore camel skins and lived a life completely devoted to God, preparing people for Jesus Christ's first arrival to the earth. His camel skins are representative of his character. John did not pursue satisfaction in material things or worldly pleasure, but he was willing to walk a tough road in the wilderness to pursue God's plans for his life. The Bible tells us Jesus is coming back. Much like Isaac in the Old Testament, He is the Bridegroom who eagerly awaits His bride, those people who have trusted in Him and have given their lives to God

So like John the Baptist once did, we want to share a message with a generation of young people to prepare for Jesus’ return. We want to lead them in discovering their bold but humble call to holy living, uncompromising stand for truth, and passionate devotion to Jesus. Jesus is coming back. Get ready! For "behold, the camels are coming."